An IVA may not be suitable in all circumstances.

Fees apply to the service, click here for more details. Your credit rating may be affected.


Debt Support Centre is a trading style of Financial Support Systems Limited.

Our fees

The major creditors are aware an IVA can only be proposed and supervised by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. Financial Support Systems fees are transparent and fully disclosed in writing before our customers decide to proceed with an IVA. The major creditors are aware of Financial Support Systems fees and have agreed to these on our approved cases.

Be aware!

Some websites claiming to be providers of IVAs may be generating leads in order to sell on your details. These companies may also charge you additional fees which are not part of the IVA and you may not get these payments back if your IVA is unsuccessful. Any enquiry made on our website is received for the use of our firm and will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

When will I be charged?

All fees charged for the proposal and supervision of your IVA are paid through the monthly payments you make into it. If your IVA is not successful you will not be charged.

What are the fees for?

The Insolvency Practitioner performs two different roles during the IVA process and there is a specific fee to cover each of these roles. These two fees are known as the Nominee’s Fee and the Supervisor’s Fee.

The nominee fee

Before your IVA is approved by creditors our Insolvency Practitioner takes on the role of the Nominee and the fee for this covers:

  • Drafting your IVA proposal, which must be endorsed by our licensed Insolvency Practitioner.
  • Collecting creditor claims.
  • Giving notice of and holding the meeting of creditors.
  • Assessing any changes to the proposal suggested by your creditors.

This fee is chargeable only on acceptance of your IVA. If your IVA is not approved this fee does not fall due.

The supervisor fee

Once your IVA is approved and for the duration of the Arrangement which is usually 5 years (60 months) the Insolvency Practitioners role becomes that of the Supervisor. The Supervisor’s fee covers all work undertaken in this period, including:

  • Distributing payments to your creditors.
  • Dealing with all correspondence from your creditors on your behalf.
  • Completing annual reviews of your IVA.
  • Providing reports to creditors.
  • Ongoing support and guidance to you in all aspects of your IVA.

IVA case expenses

Expenses can be incurred by your Insolvency Practitioner during the administration of your IVA and certain costs that are incurred specifically to the case can be recovered. Any such expenses will be paid from the funds paid into the arrangement.

Example of typical fees*:

Nominees fee £1,900
Supervisors fee £1,750
Monthly payment £130
Total paid by individual £7,800
Amount owing at the start of the IVA £13,155
Net paid to creditors £4,150
Value of Debt Written off £9,005 (68%)

*This example uses average figures taken from 15 of our IVA cases approved between 23/02/2021 and 02/03/2021.

All fees and expenses are detailed in your IVA proposal so that both you and your creditors will have an opportunity to review and agree to them before you enter.

Important Information

Subject to eligibility and acceptance. Fees Payable. Debt write off applies to unsecured debts only and on successful completion of an IVA. If your IVA fails, it could lead to Bankruptcy, although this is rare and alternatives may be available. Your ability to obtain credit will be affected for the medium to long term. Homeowners may be required to release equity in their property, based on certain criteria. If unable to release the available equity an additional 12 months payments may be requested in compensation.

Financial Support Systems provides insolvency solutions to individuals, specialising in IVAs. We do not administer or provide advice solely relating to debt management products, such as Debt Management Plans. Advice and information on alternative options will be provided following an initial fact find where the individual(s) concerned meets the criteria for an IVA and wishes to pursue it further, as governed by our Insolvency Practitioners regulators, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. All advice given on any alternative options is therefore provided in reasonable contemplation of an insolvency appointment.

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