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Can I get a Mortgage with a Debt Management Plan?

If you’re on a Debt Management Plan to clear unsecured debts and want to buy your own home, it’s important to consider whether buying a home with a mortgage is possible for you.

Mortgage with a debt management plan

If you dream of one day securing a mortgage and owning a home, then you may feel your debts might prevent you from getting on the property ladder as a first-time buyer. Resolving your debts, perhaps through a Debt Management Plan, may be a great idea to help with your financial circumstances. However, you might wonder whether choosing this solution might prevent you from securing the home you seek. Although challenging, a Debt Management Plan won’t completely rule out your chances of getting a mortgage.

Getting a mortgage with a Debt Management Plan

Although Debt Support Centre does not offer Debt Management Plans, we provide information on Debt Management. When you sign up to a Debt Management Plan with Debt Management companies to help with repaying your debt, it’s noted on your credit file. This will signify you’ve had problems repaying lenders and, as a result, creditors might be more hesitant than they otherwise would be to approve your application.

DMP crossed out on a document

Many lenders will also refuse applicants with current Debt Management Plans while others might decline applicants if they’ve had a DMP in place at any time during the past six years.

Although it’s certainly not impossible to get a mortgage during a Debt Management Plan, you may not be able to access the best deals and might even have to find a specialist mortgage broker.

Which debt solution is right for you?

Finding specialist mortgage lenders

Going through a general mortgage broker may not pay off and, as a result, it may be beneficial to go through a specialist. When you choose this route, you won’t be wasting precious time filling in applications which may contain strict rules on lending and individuals with a poor credit score.

Furthermore, if you keep applying for a mortgage in the hope you’ll find a mortgage broker willing to accept you, the repeated credit searches from companies may have a detrimental effect on your credit file and this may make it difficult to source funds in the future.

Would mortgage lenders lend you money without a Debt Management Plan?

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Although this sounds like a Debt Management Plan would affect your mortgage applications, realistically, you should consider whether you would get one while still in debt. A mortgage calculator and some additional research on mortgage lenders and types of mortgage may help you to gain more information on this. If you’re struggling to repay your creditors, and missing payments, this information will also be included on your credit report and may affect your credit score negatively.

Arguably, if you remained in debt rather than using a debt solution, a mortgage broker could be just as likely to refuse your request than they would have if you had a Debt Management Plan to clear your unsecured debts. It is for this reason that, if you want to get on the property ladder as a first-time buyer, it may be best to wait until you are debt-free.

Can you get a mortgage after a Debt Management Plan?

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After repaying your debt, you may be in a better position to not only save for a deposit but to also start improving your credit score. Although this might take time, and patience, you may have access to better deals when buying a property through this method.

Does a Debt Management Plan affect my current mortgage?

If you’ve currently got a mortgage, the good news is that a Debt Management Plan with Debt Management companies may not directly affect it. However, due to this solution not being legally binding, creditors aren’t prevented from taking court action against you to reclaim unsecured debts.

Therefore, in rare cases, creditors could seek a CCJ to secure the debt against your property. If you’re worried about your property, it may be more beneficial to consider alternative debt solutions – such as an IVA.

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