What is Go Sober For October?

Go sober for October is a month-long campaign that encourages people to go 31 days without drinking alcohol while raising money for the charity MacMillan Cancer Support. Every October its participants, known as ‘soberheroes’ are sponsored not to drink for the month, while receiving ongoing support to help with their fundraising efforts.

Soberheroes not only help people living with cancer through raising sponsorship money for their efforts, but they are also certain to reap the benefits of a month’s break from the booze themselves.

The perks of being sober this October

Better sleep

Alcohol has been proven to disrupt sleep, reducing both the quality and quantity of rest you get after having a drink, leaving you feeling sluggish and sleepy the following day.

While it can sometimes feel like you drop off to sleep much faster after an alcoholic drink, in fact it puts you quickly into a longer lasting stage of deep sleep, so you actually lose out on the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, which is much more restful.

As alcohol is a diuretic, you may find yourself getting up in the night to relieve yourself, disturbing your natural sleep cycles. It can also increase snoring, which is not great for anyone sleeping nearby.

More time

A month off alcohol means all your mornings will be hangover-free. So instead of spending the day feeling fragile and anxious after a night of drinking, you’ll wake up feeling well rested and refreshed.

This October could be a great time to take up a new activity or fit in that workout you always meant to do. Plus, one month is enough time to properly develop a new good habit and ingrain it into your routine, so you keep it going into the future.

A healthier you

Alcohol is a poison, and your body always suffers some aftereffects. By staying away from booze in October, you’ll quickly notice your skin becomes clearer, your mind more active and you’ll have much more energy throughout the day.

Save money

Every week, UK households spend on average £16.70 on alcohol, around 3 per cent of the home budget, which is more than we spend on meat and fish. This adds up to a huge £868 spent on alcohol over the course of a year. If you drink frequently or often binge drink, you might be personally spending much more than that.

Cutting out alcoholic drinks is a great way to save a chunk of cash without sacrificing anything you really need. By choosing to take part in Go Sober for October, you could be raising money to support people with cancer, while improving your own financial situation at the same time. Giving up alcohol for a month could save you £67, a substantial amount of money that will help you balance your budget and reduce your debts. If you carry on with the reduced drinking, those savings will quickly add up.

For more information and to sign up, check out the Go Sober for October website. Good luck!

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