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What Can Squid Game Teach Us About Debt?

Last week Squid Game became the most streamed show ever on Netflix, at 111 million viewers worldwide. The dystopian South Korean drama has hooked people from all across the world, with many binge-watching it in days. So, what can we learn about debt from the hit series?

Squid game character shows a woman an alternative debt solution.

01: Only get help with your debt from certified organisations

If there was ever a series to put you off loan sharks, then it’s this one. If you’re struggling with debts and don’t know which way to turn, remember that an unaccredited lender is never a good option. Although it may seem a quicker and easier option, it will only get you deeper into trouble in the long run. This is because loan sharks may have little knowledge or desire to help people struggling with their finances. They are usually profit-driven, charging high interest rates and charges. They operate outside of the law and therefore offer you no protection on any money you give them. So, don’t fall for their sales pitch. Instead, if you’re struggling to make payments to your creditors, get in touch with us today for expert financial advice. We aim to provide a high-quality service that works in your best interest.

02: Don’t face financial problems on your own

A lot of people try to either ignore their debts or deal with them on their own until it gets out of hand. However, Squid Game shows us that a problem shared is a problem halved. This is because in episode 8 Kang Sea-byeok finally decides to trust the people around her and ask for help. If you think that you could benefit from help with your finances, then get in contact today and begin your journey to financial freedom.

03: Make debt a priority

Watching Squid Game highlights the importance of addressing your financial problems. The more you bury your head in the sand, the worse the problem gets. Therefore, it’s better to tackle the issue head-on, instead of trying to get more credit and increasing your debts further.

04: Make informed decisions

When dealing with debt it is essential to compare the options available to you. This message is clear in episode 7 when players are made to choose the correct platform to jump on to ensure they don’t fall and face certain death. When it comes to financial difficulties, everyone’s situation is unique. That’s why at Debt Support Centre we offer expert advice tailored to your circumstances. We will ensure that you are aware of all your debt solution options and leave the decision-making up to you.

05: Spend your cash wisely

It is clear from the very start of Squid Game in episode one that careful spending is essential. This is especially important if you are struggling to pay back your debts. For example, when Seong Gi-Hun chooses to spend his 10,000 winning on gambling rather than addressing his debts, he only makes the problem much worse for himself further down the line. Here at Debt Support Centre, we understand just how difficult budgeting can sometimes be. So, get in touch today and we may be able to help you with a plan to help pay off some of your debt.

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