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How to Save Money on Your Weekly Food Shop

Is your weekly food shop causing you to go over budget? With these practical tips, you may be able to save money at the supermarket.

An image of a man food shopping with vouchers.

Avoid food shopping on an empty stomach

A simple strategy that could help to cut the cost of your supermarket shop, is to eat a meal before you go shopping. By filling up your stomach you may be less likely to be tempted to buy foods you normally would not or purchase too much of what you normally buy.

Use Vouchers and Coupons

Don’t be embarrassed to use a voucher to save you some money on your weekly shop. Sometimes vouchers can be a massive help to the cost of many supermarket items, including food items, baby products, and sometimes even petrol.

Here are some ways to find supermarket vouchers:

  • you can check your junk mail,
  • collect copies of supermarkets own magazines,
  • or even sign up to some supermarket email marketing lists.

Change Your Shopping Habits

Many of us are guilty of being stuck in the same routine when it comes to where we do our food shop, and what time we shop at. However, by shopping at new places and visiting supermarkets at different times you may be able to buy the food you love at a lower cost.

You can now compare product prices online using sites such as My Supermarket Price Comparison. This should make deciding where to shop much simpler.

Bulk Buy

You could benefit from buying certain products such as meat, crisps, chocolate, cereal and veg in bulk. Often when buying products in a large quantity you get more value for your money.

Join Supermarket Loyalty Schemes

An easy way to cut the cost of your food shop is to join customer loyalty schemes at the supermarkets you go to. Most companies offer exclusive deals, discounts and prizes to customers who shop regularly in their store. We highly recommend looking at the benefits you could access with the likes of Lidl Plus and Tesco Clubcard.

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