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7 Ways to Save Money This Summer

The weather is heating up and the summer holidays are about to begin. Although there are many great things about this time, this period can become expensive. According to one study, each child staying at home during the summer will cost parents about an extra £126 per week.

Ways to save money this summer

For the average family, this means the summer holidays could come with an additional bill of as much as £1,500 – ouch.

Summer can become pricey very quickly, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are six of our favourite tips to reduce the cost whilst still having a great time.

Look for discount passes or offers

Wherever you’re planning to visit this summer, keep an eye out for special offers or discount passes. From deals on accommodation, family passes, to just a simple buy-one-get-one-free, these are available for the savvy shopper.

Play your cards right and you could go the whole summer without paying full price for days out.

Let the weather dry your clothes

It’s estimated that drying clothes in a tumble dryer sets you back by about 35p per load. Although this doesn’t sound like much, a family using this daily can still accumulate quite a bill by the end of the summer.

Given the typically warm weather, it just doesn’t make sense to use a dryer. In some cases, the heat will dry your clothes quicker than this appliance can.

It’s a small change – but one which could buy you a trip or two down the line.

Hunt around for free activities

Group of people enjoying free activities in the park.

If your kids are stuck at home bored, there are fortunately lots of free activities which could keep them entertained. Libraries, galleries, parks, and museums, all it takes is a little bit of research to find some possibilities.

There are also virtual events available which don’t cost anything to attend. These can include concerts, exhibits, or classes.

It’s also worth checking in with your local council and seeing what they have to offer.

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Look into free sports

It would be a shame to not take advantage of the warm weather while we can. For example, many local parks offer free tennis schemes. Alternatively, head out into the great outdoors to explore and get some fresh air. From hikes to park runs, these events should keep you and the family busy for a few hours.

Got a gym membership? Consider getting rid of it

While you’re outside playing sports and hiking, you’ve got to ask yourself – do I really need that gym membership? The average gym fee is about £40 a month so it’s worth cutting this back if you can. Assuming you’re spending more time outside and exercising there, you could put this on pause until the winter months.

Going on holiday? Can you rent out your home?

If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday planned this summer, your property could be earning you money while you’re away. If you use a website such as Airbnb, someone staying in your property will pay you rent at an average of around £69 per night.

Go away for a full week and this could earn you almost £500 – potentially more depending on your location and home.

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