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Can You Save Money by Going Green?

Of all the issues affecting our planet, one of the most pressing seems to be the environment. With the UK declaring a climate emergency and more than three-quarters of us reportedly wanting to live more sustainably, there has never been a better time to help the planet.

Save money by going green

The problem is, going green seems to be very expensive. From eco-friendly fashion to organic foods, the cost can be greater than traditional alternatives. Therefore, if you’re already strapped for cash, helping the environment just doesn’t seem to be an option.

Far from putting a dent in your finances though, there are several changes you can make to actually save cash every year – while helping the planet in the process. This is Money has detailed several tips and we’ve summarised a few below:

Save around £700 per year by better using food

Too many of us are over-reliant on ‘best-before’ dates. These don’t demonstrate when food becomes harmful but rather when it’s just not as good as it could be. Although ‘use-by’ dates should not be ignored when it comes to meat, fish, and dairy, using common sense and making sure food is ok before binning it can lead to a huge saving.

In fact, the average UK household throws out around £700 worth of food every year. With either better shopping or more robust checking, this method could potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

Speaking of food…

Your market could hide a bargain

Although many of us know about the bargains available in the budget supermarkets, your local market could also be a great place to save some cash. In fact, according to an investigation by one newspaper, almost half the products at markets are cheaper than those found in Tesco.

Proving that it – once again – pays to shop around, your market could also be more environmentally-friendly. This is down to generally less packaging and the option to buy as much, or as little, as you want. As a result, this helps to further reduce food waste.

Switch to green energy

Green energy companies are now appearing on the market, offering to power your home with a range of renewable options, such as solar and wind. These can actually be a lot cheaper than traditional alternatives, with one provider claiming you could cut almost £300 off your fuel bills every year.

Switching light bulbs

Although energy-saving bulbs generally cost more than traditional variants, they last longer and use less power. Therefore, they are ultimately better for your wallet and the environment. In regards to the yearly saving, estimations vary but it’s believed to be anywhere between £50 and £200.

Only one way to find out, switch and try it out yourself!

Cut down on meat

If you can’t see yourself ever going vegetarian or vegan, cutting down on your meat consumption can still make financial sense. According to a survey conducted by the Food People, following this advice can save you an average of £209 every year.

Good for the environment and our wallets, there are a lot of benefits to just having one meat-free day a week!

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