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How Recycling Could Help You Save Money and the Environment

Recycling is a great way to save money and the environment, so this week we want to share some easy and cheap ways you can recycle:

An image of a woman gardening and recycling

01: Think twice before throwing away

With a little bit of creativity, you can repurpose your old containers, instead of throwing them out. For example, you can use jam jars for plant pots, wine bottles as candle holders, and coffee containers for dry goods storage!

02: Get creative with old clothes

Do a good deed while saving some money by buying second hand clothes from charity and thrift shops rather than buying expensive, brand-new clothes.

Don’t throw out clothes just because they have small stains or holes – think about how you could mend, dye or repurpose them.

03: Freshen up your furniture

According to the Property Reporter, the average UK home buyer spends an average of £10,743 on furniture within their first 5 years of ownership, so it's no wonder that many end up accumulating debt through expensive catalogue loans. Instead, think about how you could refinish, repaint or recover old furniture and make it look like new.

Alternatively, you can find cheap furniture on second hand websites such as Facebook Marketplace and Freecycle.

If you are struggling to pay back your catalogue debts, get in touch today and we may be able to help you.

04: Ditch the disposables

Reusable containers are much better for the environment and will save you money by avoiding the cost of using disposables such as the 5p plastic bag charge or 5p coffee cup charge.

05: Get extra cash for your old electronics

If you're in the market for a new phone, video game or CD, why not make some money by selling them to recycling companies such as Music Magpie, Envirofone and Mazuma Mobile?

06: Get green in the garden

Rather than throwing out food waste, start your own compost. You can use this to grow your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs, reducing your supermarket expenses and keeping you healthy.

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