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How Many of These Modern Dad Skills do you Have?

The role of fathers has changed a lot over the years but some clichés still remain. Chances are, you probably watched a film or television show recently which featured either a clueless dad or a father struggling to do his best. The modern father is something very different to what it used to be. However, just how modern are you?

Modern dad skills

One survey listed all the skills which a contemporary dad should have:

The 25 skills which every modern dad should have

  • Being able to cook a meal.
  • Providing their child with the best environment for an education.
  • Guiding their kid through college or university.
  • Successfully setting up home Wi-Fi and services such as Netflix.
  • Being able to assemble flatpack furniture and paint a home.
  • Setting up a games console and updating a computer.
  • Teaching their child about technology.
  • Speaking to their kid about relationships.
  • Teaching their son how to shave.
  • Lighting a BBQ.
  • Feeding a baby at night.
  • Taking their child to school.
  • Untying difficult knots.
  • Telling bad jokes.
  • Taking good family photographs and videos.
  • If a child’s favourite toy breaks, being able to replace it.
  • Playing ‘make believe’ with their child.
  • Setting up ‘parental controls’.
  • Knowing what the latest tech releases are.
  • Providing the deposit for their kid’s first home.
  • Knowing the words to songs currently high in the charts.
  • Being able to braid their daughter’s hair.
  • Knowing the latest slang and being active on social media.
  • Keeping up with the latest fashion trends.
  • Helping their child set up a YouTube channel.
A dad and his BBQ.

Does this sound like you?

There’s no argument that dads need to learn different skills than previous generations. The arrival of new technologies means our world is a very different place.

Still, some of those skills are more ‘traditional’. For example, providing children with good standards of education and taking them to school. Regardless of whether you tick all these boxes though, or whether you believe them to be the right skills, one arguably stands out from the others – being able to afford a house deposit.

For many dads across the country, this is just not possible. Even though we want the best for our loved ones, helping another get on the property ladder can be impossible – especially if you’re struggling with debt.

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