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How to Have a Banging Boxing Day on a Budget

We all know the feeling of waking up the day after Christmas, with a belly full of turkey and a mulled wine hangover. You’ve got 2 options. You could either spend your day rushing around busy shopping centres and waiting in long checkout queues racking up your credit card bill. Alternatively, you could have some more quality time with your friends and family prolonging the festivities for an extra day.

We know which we’d choose. After all, everyone knows the most memorable part of Christmas is being with your loved ones, and not the stuff you receive. So here are some ideas for fun activities that will bring everyone together and won’t cost a fortune.

A man and woman watch television whilst sat on the sofa.

01: Head outdoors

There’s no better way to shake the feeling of overindulgence on Christmas Day than getting outdoors for a brisk walk. Be sure to wrap up warm and rope as many of your friends and family in to catch up on your Christmas Day shenanigans. Flasks of mulled wine and mince pies are optional!

02: Get the family board games out

If the cold winter weather is making a walk look a tad uninviting, then why not dust off the Monopoly and Articulate sets for a cosy family game day? However, if you opt for this idea, we won’t be held responsible for any fiery family arguments when the competition heats up.

03: Cook up some tasty leftovers

From Turkey stir-fry to refried roasts, there are so many great Christmas leftover recipes to try online. So why not put the aprons on and get the whole family involved in being creative in the kitchen for a Boxing Day banquet?

04: Be prepared for snow!

You never know, we may just get that white Christmas we’re always hoping for. In which case there’s only one thing to do; find anything that can pass as a sledge lying around the house and get to your local park for an afternoon of icy thrills.

05: Fancy a dip?

If you’re wanting to try something new this year, many seaside villages and local lakes organise cold water dips to raise money for charity. This is certainly one way to kick the Christmas hangover and feel accomplished on Boxing Day.

06: Get crafty

If you’re more of a creative than an adrenaline junkie, why not organise a craft day for everyone to get involved in? You could even write up and decorate your New Year’s resolutions to hang up on the wall so you’re less likely to forget about them a couple of weeks into January!

07: Festive film day

Whether you’re a big fan of Will Ferrell in Elf or Hugh Grant in Love Actually, everyone’s got their favourite Christmas film and Boxing Day is the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa and get that last viewing in for the year.

08: Get stuck into the footy

Boxing day is a big day for sports. So, instead of paying for overpriced pints in a rowdy pub, why not invite all your family and friends’ round to watch the games? This way you can polish off your Christmas leftovers and still enjoy a buzzing atmosphere.

09: Visit a festive light display

Many National Trust sites and local parks put on stunning Christmas light displays throughout December. So, if you haven’t had chance to go and visit them yet then it’s the perfect way to make your Boxing Day walk a bit more exciting. Alternatively, if you can’t find one nearby you could always drive around your local neighbourhood scoring the best individual houses’ Christmas lights.

10: Venture on a bike ride

If the kids have got a brand-new bike from Santa this year, then they’ll probably be eager to give it a whirl. So, head down to your local park and burn off your Christmas indulgences on an energetic bike ride.

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