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5 Tips for Having a Fun Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is an exciting night of the year for all children. However, with trick or treating being difficult this year, many parents have been left with the pressure of hosting a fun Halloween party for their little ones.

The cost of this can quickly rack up if you’re not careful, so here’s 5 tips for how to have a great Halloween party on a budget.

5 Tips for a budget friendly Halloween

1. Make your own costumes

Encourage your children to get creative and make their own costumes this year, using old clothes, permanent markers, and anything they can find from around the house. Whether it be making a ghost out of an old bed sheet or making bat wings from bin bags, the little ones are bound to enjoy this fun-filled Halloween activity.

2. Visit local charity shops

However, sometimes children have their eyes set on a particular costume. In which case pay a visit to your local charity shops as they often offer the same costumes for much lower prices than the clothes shops and supermarkets.

3. Cheap party games

It’s important to think about how to keep the children busy on the night, so plan some cheap Halloween party games as an alternative to Trick or Treating. This could include a Halloween scavenger hunt with clues, spooky musical chairs, telling ghost stories, or a mummy wrapping race with bed linen.

4. Make your own food and décor

Make your own Halloween-themed food and décor instead of buying expensive, branded ones. There are lots of ideas on the internet for these, such as this “ghost balloon”.

5. Stick to low-cost stores

Understandably though not everyone has hours to spend making decorations, costumes and food. If you find yourself short on time and have to head to the shops make sure you stick to low-cost stores such as Aldi, Lidl, B&M and Matalan.

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