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Four Fabulously Cheap Days Out

When it comes to organising a great day out, there’s one issue that can be very limiting: a lack of funds. When you’re on a tight budget but in search of something to do, it can seem almost impossible to reconcile the two, but all it takes is some imaginative planning for cheap days out.

People in the park illustrating cheap days out

In fact, there’s plenty to do in your local area without splashing out. With some savvy thinking and some strategic organising, you can arrange cheap days out full of fun, no matter whether you want to spend it with friends, family, or even that special someone.

There are a few ideas to inspire you.

Visit your local park

Although summer is fast coming to a close, the warmer weather will hold out for a little longer yet, which makes August the ideal time for being outdoors. If you want to take advantage, head on down to your local park, and be sure to take some entertainments with you. Dog walking can be a great way to spend a fun-filled few hours, but if you’re minus a four-legged friend or fancy something a bit different, you have plenty of other options. Pack up a picnic if you’re not averse to eating al fresco, or else take along a badminton set and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. With a little creative thinking, the opportunities are endless.

Take a trip to a museum

Even though not all museums are free, you’ll find that a quick Google search reveals plenty that are. If one of these is in your local area, it could be a great place to spend a few interesting and educational hours, and it would give you something a little bit different to do. Although you’ll want to keep your costs to a minimum, there’s always the option of grabbing some lunch while you’re there, and most of these institutions have pleasant little tearooms attached if you’re looking for an inexpensive place to dine.

Watch a film at the cinema

Most cinemas have made a real effort to bring their prices down over the last couple of years, so going to watch a movie could be another option for an inexpensive evening out. The trick lies in realising that the real cost is buying food once you’re there, so take a trip to your local supermarket beforehand to stock up on sweets and snacks. You’ll find that you can get sharing bags of your favourite chocolates for around £1 if you spend some time looking for special offers, and a bottle of water should be enough to keep you hydrated while you’re there. If you’re really lucky, you might even be able to access Meerkat Movie tickets to bag yourself two-for-one cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Friends having a movie night in.

Organise a movie and junk food extravaganza

Last but not least, think about organising a movie and junk food extravaganza with friends. If even going to the cinema is a bit too much of a stretch for you, invite some of your favourite people around to spend the day together. You can ask that everyone brings drinks and snacks with them, so that no one is forced to shoulder the cost alone. Once everyone has arrived, close the curtains, get comfy, and enjoy watching some great films with your lovely guests.

Strapped for cash and in need of some fun? Then take our advice and enjoy one of these four fantastic days out (and in) at the earliest opportunity.

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