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Five Ways to Have a Healthier Life on a Budget

Many people want a healthier lifestyle but are prevented from achieving this because of the costs involved.

Ways to have a healthier life

According to one study, reported through the NHS:

Since 2002, more healthy foods and beverages have been consistently more expensive than less healthy ones, with a growing gap between them.”

However, being healthy isn’t about switching to organic foods, going to a spa, or having an expensive gym membership. Living a healthier lifestyle is about making small improvements – even an improvement of one per cent is better than nothing. It’s time to forget your preconceptions and start thinking positively. Here are five ways to live healthier while not breaking the bank:

1. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are a good place to start when trying to live healthier. Problem is though, fresh ones don’t last too long and can be expensive. If these are out of your budget, frozen fruit and vegetables are cheaper, last longer, and have much of the same nutrients. From mixed veg to strawberries, you can make your diet much healthier without costing too much.

2. Switch from takeaway to meal planning

We all like a good takeaway but these meals can be expensive. Instead, why not consider a meal planning service such as Hello Fresh? You’ll still have to cook the meal yourself but they’re often healthier and cheaper than most takeaways.

3. Work out at home

A gym membership can be expensive – and sometimes purchasers don’t even use them. With the average gym fee being around £40 a month, that’s a lot of cash down the drain. However, there are a range of free apps and YouTube videos designed to help you get a decent workout from the comfort of your home.

4. Enjoy nature

People enjoying their day in a park.

It doesn’t cost anything to go for a walk. Parks don’t require a monthly subscription and local trails won’t charge you money. Although you could consider incorporating a run into your workout, there’s a lot to be said for just going outside. After all, your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical. Taking a few hours for a walk in the sun can really help your mood.

5. Don’t buy organic – Shop around

No, seriously. Don’t buy organic. Although these products are often healthier than what you can find elsewhere, you’re paying a premium. In some cases, organic is just a label. Any healthy improvements you thought you may be making are actually minor. This isn’t to say all organic food isn’t worth your time. However, for preserving your money, consider buying straight from your local market or looking at the nutritional value of supermarket own brands. You’ll probably be surprised at what you can find.

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