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5 Cheap Ways to Enjoy the Half Term Holidays With the Little Ones

Entertaining your children over the school holidays can be an expensive task. However, it doesn’t have to ruin your monthly budgeting plan. With some planning, you can still make sure your little ones have a great time without spending a fortune. To help, we’ve put together a list of 5 cheap and cheerful ideas for things to do:

Dad plays football in the park with his daughter.

01: Plan a sports day

– parks are free to use so plan a sports day for your children and their friends – group activities are usually cheaper as parents can split the cost of any food or equipment if it’s needed - and if the weather isn’t great, then why not head to your local leisure or sports centre?

02: Plan an educational day out

– why not take the opportunity to organise a day out where the kids learn something in a practical way? The National Trust are funning free, informative events for children all across the UK this half-term to learn about nature - and don’t let bad weather stop you from having fun by finding out what cheap, family-friendly events are going on at your local museum this half term here.

03: Find a half term restaurant deal

– many chain restaurants do special half-term deals where children eat for a discounted price or even for free so be sure to check online what’s available before you go out to eat.

04: Catch a film

– going to see a movie is always an exciting experience for a child and what better time than when the latest James Bond film has just been released? The major cinema companies such as Cineworld, Vue Cinemas or the Odeon, all have discounted prices for children, as low was £2.50, if you go at particular dates or times.

05: Plan your travel

– wherever you plan to take the kids this half term be sure to plan how you’re going to get there well in advance – click here for tips on how to get the cheapest train tickets, but remember to check whether it would be cheaper to drive once buses or taxis are accounted for.

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