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Can Going Vegan Save You Money?

Depending on your circumstances, going vegan could save money.

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Can going vegan save you money?

It’s estimated there are around 600,000 vegans throughout Great Britain. Perhaps one of the country’s fastest-growing movements, veganism involves following a plant-based diet without consuming any animal products.

Some convert to veganism due to environmental or animal-welfare concerns. These are admirable reasons certainly, but some also believe that a vegan diet could save money. If that’s true, just how much cash should you save by changing your food habits?

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If you already eat meat…

If you already eat meat and convert to veganism, it’s estimated you’ll spend about £21 less on your groceries each month. This claim was made by a finance company who had their research published by the BBC.

This could be because protein is one of the most expensive elements in a food order. As this is commonly located in meat and cheese, replacing those with vegetables could save you money in the long run.

If you’re a vegetarian…

A kitchen scene with a salad bowl.

If you’re a vegetarian, and switch to veganism, the opposite apparently happens. In fact, it’s estimated your monthly grocery bill could become £11 more expensive. The reasons for this are unclear but with meat already cut from your diet, it’s believed swapping dairy for vegan alternatives can push the costs up.

It’s probably not worth it

Although going vegan could save you money, having an extra £21 in your bank account isn’t a huge sum. In fact, some would argue it’s a high price to pay for completely cutting animal products from your diet.

This is also – presumably – assuming the vegan foods you buy are good value. Just like every product in a supermarket, there are variations in cost and quality. Vegan products aren’t automatically more expensive than regular alternatives but some can still be pricey.

Fundamentally though, switching your diet to veganism won’t save a fortune.

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