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4 Tips & Tricks to Master Stoptober

Have you ever considered stopping smoking, to save money? It’s not always an easy thing to do. However, you might want to give it a try this October with Stoptober!

Woman with hands in the air showing Stoptober

What sort of money can be saved?

October is when the national ‘Stoptober’ campaign happens. This is all about ‘giving quitting a go’ for one month.

It’s a kind of test for you, to see how NOT smoking affects your health and wellbeing. The truth is, you will be better off financially too by not buying tobacco and vaping products for a whole month.

According to the NHS, the average smoker can save £135 every month from quitting. That’s £1,600 a year!

More cash for a month or for life?

Of course, it’s not always easy or straightforward. You could have strong reasons to smoke that are personal to you, and the cost could be outweighed by need.

Stoptober is a great chance to see if you can change the balance. Having that extra money available could make you determined to keep going and stop smoking for good.

What’s the best way to test the cash savings from Stoptober?

NHS Smokefree App and Quit Plan

The NHS offers an android and Apple smartphone app offering help and advice for anyone giving up smoking this October. It also has a Free Personal Quit Plan you can download because ‘There’s only one you’.

If you contact your local NHS stop smoking service, their expertise increases your chances of success by four times!

Get friends and family to back you

Some people prefer to keep their vow to give up smoking quiet. Others find that the best free help comes from their nearest and dearest!

Getting support and encouragement from family and friends can keep you on track. You can think positively and stick to your plan, quitting completely or using patches, gum or whatever low-cost product works best for you.

Getting people on your side is also about limiting your exposure to others who smoke during those crucial first weeks; avoiding anyone who tries to tempt you to ‘just have one’!

Self help books and ideas

There are some great self help systems and tips available online or in book form. It’s good to check these out to find the one that best suits you.

A good example is the world’s best selling book on this topic – ‘The Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ by British author Allen Carr.

Change your routine

For many people smoking is a habit; part of your daily routine that’s hard to avoid. This could include always smoking with a brew, or after eating, when socialising with friends or to unwind just before bed.

A good way to avoid smoking is to make a series of small changes that distract you at times when cravings are strong. Like drinking something different (preferably healthier) or using your smoking time for a hobby or interest.

Did you know that low impact exercise like walking can also cut cravings and boost hormones that help you to quit?

Keep your eye on the prize

One of the best tips for quitting is to keep your own personal list of reasons to stop close at hand.

For many people, this list includes the chance to pocket around £135 a month to use in other ways.

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