An IVA may not be suitable in all circumstances.

Fees apply to the service, click here for more details. Your credit rating may be affected.

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years’ experience

Since 2017, our specialist insolvency practitioners have been working on behalf of customers to manage their IVA and negotiate directly with your creditors.


Individuals are here to help

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your finances. Whatever your situation, we will help you find the best solution possible.


Average debt write-off*

Although we cannot give a strict figure on what you’ll actually be able to write off, we have created an IVA calculator which should provide a good estimation.

* Average unsecured debt anticipated to be written off for IVAs approved between January 2022 and February 2024 for FSS customers is £11,068, based upon successful completion.

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Possible debt solutions

We offer IVAs which allow you to write off unaffordable unsecured debt, with payments starting from £100 per month. Your payment towards your IVA is based upon your personal circumstances and what you can reasonably afford to pay to your IVA.

Other solutions
Although we specialise in IVAs and can’t assist you in setting up alternatives, our knowledge of debt is vast. Here are other options which could be suitable:

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Benefit From An IVA

The example below is for a real customer who is on an IVA. Your payments may be different and will depend upon your individual circumstances.


Before plan

Total contractual repayments


After plan

Total contractual repayments

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Consolidate debts into one lower affordable monthly payment with an IVA.

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