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94% of IVA's we propose
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Established for over 7 years and enjoy an excellent relationship with creditors.

Regulated and monitored by the Insolvency Practitioners Association

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Rated 4.43 out of 5 from our customer surveys and 4.4 / 5 on* 100% of customers would recommend us to a friend*

*Review scores correct as at August 2015 *Recommendations are taken from reviews submitted between June and August 2015





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Our Support

With over 7 years of trading Debt Support Centre has helped over thousands of people enter IVA’s to resolve their financial difficulties.

We hold customer satisfaction paramount to our success and believe in transparency and honesty in what we know can be a very difficult time.

Debt Support Centre has an experienced team, who are highly trained to process your IVA application and then once approved, be on hand to provide you with support and guidance all the way through to completion of your IVA.

Let us introduce you to our Insolvency Practitioner and his team.


Gregory Mullarkey, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

Greg is a non practicing solicitor as well as being a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, licensed and regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association under license number 101736 and has over 40 years experience in all types of insolvency work.

Greg has been Debt Support Centre’s Insolvency Practitioner for over 5 years. He has many years of experience in resolving the financial difficulties of individuals and has acted as Nominee and Supervisor for over 10,000 people who have chosen to enter into IVA’s with their creditors as an alternative to opting for personal bankruptcy.

Prior to your IVA being approved by your creditors Greg will act as your Nominee and will assist you with his team in preparing the proposal and negotiating the terms with creditors to ensure a successful outcome. Once approved Greg’s role will then change to become Supervisor of the IVA. At this stage, it is his and his team’s role to support and supervise the IVA to ensure both you and your creditors adhere to the terms.

Greg works with a team of people highly trained and experienced in all aspects of Insolvency Regulation. The team is regularly monitored through our compliance monitoring process, to ensure the highest standards of compliance and service are maintained.

Mark Smith – Head of IVA Operations

Responsible for maintaining  the overall operation, compliance and service standards provided to our customers, Mark has over 10 years personal Insolvency experience working among some of the UK’s largest IVA firms. Mark has been with Debt Support Centre since 2012 and is experienced in Insolvency compliance, regulations and operations. He ensures all operational, service and compliance standards are maintained to the highest level and you receive the best service we can offer. Mark works hard to develop customer satisfaction and ensures that our values, to offer a transparent, honest, personal and supportive service are instilled in Debt Support Centre culture and among all of our employees.

Martin Cuerden – IVA Office Manager

Responsible for the monitoring and ongoing development of our support teams, in line with our regulation, compliance and service standards, Martin has over 10 years IVA experience and has been with Debt Support Centre since 2012. Martin is trained in performance development and employee coaching as well as IVA regulation and compliance standards.

Sarah Thompson – IVA Client Monies Manager

Responsible for all aspects of handling client monies, payments to creditors and fee collections, Sarah has over 13 years personal Insolvency experience and is trained in all aspects of client money regulations and standards. Sarah ensures all of the money received from our clients is allocated, reconciled and distributed in accordance with our regulations and the terms and conditions of each IVA.

Pre Approval Support Team

Our pre approval support team will assist you in conducting a review of your financial position to check that an IVA is appropriate for you and has a high chance of being accepted by your creditors. They will assist you in determining an affordable and sustainable payment offer.

Your IVA proposal will be then be drafted and prepared by a member of our team specifically trained and experienced in this role.

Once you have approved and signed your IVA proposal our creditors meeting people will arrange a meeting of your creditors to consider and vote for the approval of your IVA. Debt Support Centre regularly achieves in excess of a 94% approval rate. The majority of non approvals are as a result of an unforeseen change in circumstances of the applicant before the meeting.

Post Approval Support Team

Once your IVA has been approved the Debt Support Centre post approval support team will work with you and your creditors to ensure a successful completion of your IVA. Insolvency case workers assigned to your IVA will monitor adherence by you and your creditors to the terms of your IVA and will support you through any changes or difficulties to ensure you reach a successful conclusion. They are also responsible for the annual review of your Income and Expenditure to ensure any changes to your circumstances are addressed, as well as reporting annually to you and your creditors on the performance of your arrangement. They will deal with any creditor contact during the life of the IVA.

If your circumstances change unexpectedly during the term of your IVA our Variations Officers are on hand to assist you with proposing a variation of your IVA to your creditors so that your IVA can continue, even if your payments need to be reduced from what was originally proposed.

As your IVA nears completion one of our team specifically trained in the formalities of concluding IVA’s will prepare the final report to be sent to you and your creditors. You will receive a completion certificate which confirms the successful completion of your IVA and instructs your creditors to update your credit file to show that your debts are now satisfied.

We recognise the importance of handling clients’ money and we ensure that our team members undertake this role in a fully compliant manner. Our client money officers agree the claims of your creditors, monitor and record the banking of all monies received from you and ensure that funds are distributed to your creditors as required by the terms of your IVA.

In order to further ensure that our high standards of work are maintained Debt Support Centre employs compliance officers whose role is to check and ensure that all staff are complying with both internal and external regulations, service and operational standards.


All of our teams are there to support you in achieving the approval of your IVA and reaching a successful conclusion so you can become free of your debt.

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What do our Customers say?

" I really don’t know what I would have done without the IVA. I was recommended by my brother’s friend back in 2008 who was in a similar situation. Definitely the right thing for me to do. I am now building up my credit status so I can hopefully obtain a mortgage in the future. I am more careful with money / finances now and don’t take credit for granted! Thanks very much for everything the team has done for me!"

Mrs Purser,

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Important Information

Subject to eligibility and acceptance. Fees Payable. Debt write off applies to unsecured debts only and on completion of an IVA. If your IVA fails, it could lead to Bankruptcy, although this is rare and alternatives may be available. Your ability to obtain credit will be affected for the medium to long term. Homeowners may be required to release the equity in their property, if unable to release equity and equity is available creditors may request an additional 12 months payments in compensation.

Debt Support Centre Ltd provides insolvency solutions to individuals, specialising in IVA's. We do not administer or provide advice solely relating to debt management products, such as Debt Management Plans. Advice and information on alternative options will be provided following an initial fact find were the individual(s) concerned meets the criteria for an IVA and wishes to pursue it further, as governed by our regulators The Insolvency Practitioners Association. All advice given on any alternative options is therefore provided in reasonable contemplation of an insolvency appointment.

The Money Advice Service is a free service set up by the Government to help people make the most of their money. If you would like to learn more click here.